In hopes to making your life easier, we have decided to set up a general tutorial explaining step by step the registration process for our training programs:

  1. Go to the "Account" tab and click on " Register "
  2. Complete the necessary form to create an account. Here we will need all information relating to the parent(s). 
  3. Please note that on the left column, it's possible for you to manage many aspects of your account, such as the billing address, your order, …Click on ‘’Children’s profile’’ in order to insert the information related to your child(ren).
  4. Complete the form in relation to your child. Note that: 1 child = 1 profile = 1 form
  5. During each of your log in’s, your ‘’Dashboard’’ will allow you to check all information regarding your account.
  6. You now have the ability to navigate within the ecoles.impactmontreal.com website to choose the program corresponding to your child's needs. Note that only accessible programs to your child will be offered in the drop down menu. After selecting the child, click "Add to Cart"  
  7. You are now in your cart. It is possible to place the order and pay the costs inherent to the program. Thank you for your commitment to the progress of your child!