Pro Advanced Centre | Keepers | 2004-2008 | U10-U14

The Montreal Impact Soccer Schools Pro Advanced Centre programs for Goalkeepers were founded to perpetuate the Impact’s tradition of excellence in goal: the Soccer Schools (SoSc) staff would like to give to the participants the opportunity to experience this high level training experience.


 Developing young keepers

What are the program’s objectives:


- Develop a competition mentality required to reach high personal and collective objectives

- Improvement and consolidation of technical skills specific to the goalkeeping position


What will the goalkeepers get from this program :

- Improvement of typical goalkeeper gestures

- Transition to more elaborate exercices

- Strength training

- Development of speed, endurance, etc;

- Being able to make decisions and be responsible for them

- Learn to analyze (self-assessment)

- Sensitization to a top-level athlete lifestyle


Goalkeepers, here is your chance to bring your game to another level!



The first session Advanced program (1/12 or 1/8) will assess skill levelsThe equipment included will be provided in the second session. 

In order to provide an effective program in which the technical and tactical development of young players is the main goal, it is important for the staff of educators to have a uniform group level (the AA level is relative as it differs from one regional association to another). 

Therefore, young players who do not meet the minimum level required will be directed to a more suitable program that will assure them a more accurate progression, adapted to their needs. Similarly, a youth whose profile is more in line with the prerequisites of the Performance program will be directed accordingly.