Advanced | Competitive

To reach the highest levels, you need more than basic abilities.


Take your skillset to the next level with the Advanced Centre | Competitive!

Requirement : The participant must have played during the past year in a competitive A - AA - AAA team within an amateur club


The Advanced Program for players and goalkeepers go in depth in their teaching of these two key positions. Participants will learn to use their technical and physical skills to profit the game and be more effective in decisive moments.


Players will develop:

  • The complete spectrum of technical skills a good player must possess
  • Better judgement in order to make the right decisions on the field
  • The mentality that is necessary to create and convert more scoring chances


Goalkeepers will develop:

  • The complete range of technical skills that all good goalkeepers need to master
  • Better judgement in order to fully master and control the penalty box
  • A last line of defence mentality in order to minimize and counter scoring chances


Players and goalkeepers, here is your chance to bring your game to another level!



The first session Advanced program (1/10 or 1/8) will assess skill levelsThe equipment included will be provided in the second session. 

In order to provide an effective program in which the technical and tactical development of young players is the main goal, it is important for the staff of educators to have a uniform group level (the AA level is relative as it differs from one regional association to another). 

Therefore, young players who do not meet the minimum level required will be directed to a more suitable program that will assure them a more accurate progression, adapted to their needs. Similarly, a youth whose profile is more in line with the prerequisites of the Performance program will be directed accordingly.





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