What does SoSc stand for?

The SoSc is an acronym that stands for Soccer Schools.

What are the Montreal Impact Soccer Schools?

The SoSc is an organization with the primary goal of helping young players reach their full potential. As such, the SoSc have developed complete and extensive programs allowing players and coaches to further their knowledge in conjunction with their club activities.

Are the SoSc part of the Montreal Impact Academy?

Yes, the SoSc are part of the Academy structure. The SoSc use the resources made available by the Academy and the Club. The SoSc have opened the door for many players to join the Club’s Sport-Études programs or the U21 team. It is important to note, however, that participation in SoSc programming does not mean a player becomes or will become part of the Academy or the Sports-Études programs.

Who are the SoSc best suited for?

The great majority of programs offered are open to boys and girls of all levels born between 2002 and 2011. However, some of our more advanced programs may present restrictions in terms of age and level.

What programs are available through the SoSc?

The SoSc offer a vast and diverse programming adapted to the demand throughout Quebec. As such, we offer weekly clinics, single events as well as programs over several consecutive days.

You can view the actual programming schedule by clicking here.

When do the SoSC sessions take place?

Programs are generally held during the week-end. Some sessions can, however, take place on weekdays.

Is the equipment needed for one of your programs provided?

For the majority of our programs, a ball and t-shirt will be provided to participants. For some of our more advanced programs, players receive a complete training kit (shirt, shorts, and socks). Players always have to bring their own appropriate footware and shin pads for training and must wear the t-shirt or kit provided by the SoSc.

Who are the people behind the SoSc?

The SoSc utilizes the resources provided by the Montreal Impact Academy. As such, the Soccer Schools can count on the contribution of Academy coaches and players to ensure quality programs for all participants

My child speaks only English and he would like to participate in one of the SoSc programs. Is it possible?

Most of the SoSc programs are given in French. However, with a majority of its coaches being bilingual, the Soccer Schools can fully answer the needs of unilingual Anglophones.

I am a member of the management of a club and I’d like the SoSc to come visit us. How would I do that ?

The SoSc’ mission clearly states that it is not limited to the Island of Montreal. As such, we are at the disposal of any request made by a club, a regional association or a school commission or any other structure that wishes to take advantage of our expertise. To do so, you can contact us by clicking here.