1-     Disclaimer:

The Montreal Impact (Impact) and its Soccer Schools (SoSc), its directors, managers, employees, trainers, agents, animators and representatives are not responsible for any injury, damage or loss sustained by a participant during or resulting from any program and caused in any way, including but not limited to the negligence of Free 2 Play, of the Impact or the SoSc.


2-     Description of risks:

Considering my child’s participation in a SoSc program, by the following, I recognize that I am informed of the risks and hazards, including but not limited to, associated with or related to soccer. I also recognize and consent that my child can, as a participant, incur an injury or a physical illness (minor, serious, catastrophic and/or deadly).

I am as well informed and warned that:

-        Injuries sustained in the practice of soccer can make my child handicapped, even paralyzed permanently;

-        My child can experience anxiety or panic attacks;

-        Injury risks grow with fatigue.


3-     Medical discharge:

In the case of an injury or illness, I authorize the SoSc to get the required medical treatment for my child’s state and I release and do not hold responsible executors of this authority. I also understand and consent to the fact that I am responsible to pay the fees and bills related to my child’s injury or illness sustained during his or her participation to the program, while going to training or while coming back from training.


4-     Discipline:

The child has to respect all other children, as well as the SoSc employees in his language, his gestures and his attitudes.

To keep a high quality standard during training sessions, the SoSc keep the right to notify the family of a child hampering the development of other participants his/her termination of his/her involvement in the chosen program. Administrative fees, a proportion relative to the completed training sessions and products and services used in training will be taken into account to make the refund.



1-     Before the start of the program:

-        The club reserves the right to cancel one or many activities if the number of participants is insufficient.

-        If this occurs, the players will be fully refunded;

-        The club can, at any time and without notice, change the programming;

-        No one can take part in an activity without having fully subscribed first;

-        The displayed subscription fees are only valid during the targeted subscription period.


2-     Cancellation and refund policy:

-        As stipulated in the Loi sur la protection du consommateur, a consumer can, at any time and to his or her discretion, terminate the contract with the SoSc by sending a written termination and refund request by email with “REFUND REQUEST” in the subject line to;

-        Training sessions that took place before the termination date are not refundable, even if the player was not attending;

-        If the consumer terminates the following contract before the activities start, the termination will be completed without penalty or fees except the $50.00 subscription fee.

-        If the consumer terminates the contract after the SoSc program to which his/her child is subscribed started, the consumer will have to cover the following:

  • Subscription fees of $50.00, equipment fees of $50.00 (can vary according to the chosen program);
  • Participation fees for the period between the start of the SoSc activities and the termination date;
  • The lowest amount of the following: $50.00 or the proportion of the remaining participation fees according to the amount of time left after the refund request.

-        The SoSc will refund the consumer either by check or by credit card (depending on the date of purchase) within a reasonable timeframe after receiving the refund request.


3-     Payment by check:

-        In the event of an exceptional payment by check, administrative fees of $40.00 will be charged if the check is refused by your financial institution.


4-     Subscription to an ongoing program:

-        The SoSc will charge the client for the total amount of the selected program. Subscription is possible until halfway through the program (if there are 10 training sessions, subscription is possible until the fifth session).


5-     Supervision and responsibility:

  • During the whole year (except the summer):

The child stays under the responsibility of the SoSc employees, trainers and animators from the start of the session until it ends (the schedule is given by email before the programs start).

  • During the summer:

The child stays under the responsibility of the SoSc employees, trainers and animators 15 minutes before the start of the session until 15 minutes after the session ends.


6-     Daycare:

Our daycare offers a wide range of activities to entertain children before and after their training hours.

Daycare services start in the morning between 7am and 9am and can continue during the end of the afternoon, between 4pm and 6pm.

-        Lateness: any lateness exceeding 10 minutes will be penalized by a $15.00 fee for every 15-minute period.



My child or children may be photographed or filmed during club activities. I hereby authorize Free 2 Play LP (the Montreal Impact and/or the Montreal Impact soccer schools) and its business partners and/or affiliates to use the likeness and statements of my child or children in their promotional activities (posters, videos, social media, web campaigns, etc.), including in the media or in advertisements. I also hereby acknowledge that I will receive no financial compensation whatsoever.