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Is your team looking for a new challenge, to grow and reach the next level?


Have you had enough of redundant tournaments and would like to maximize your time and money?


We have the alternative for you!


The group will take away:


An in depth analysis of the topics that need improving within the group. This specialized camp is a great opportunity to clarify and solidify the team’s principles of play in an entirely new context, thus reinforcing the coach’s comments. The few days partaking in this intimate and highly professional camp will help the group to develop a great sense of belonging.


Each player will take away:


A unique and individualized experience in the shoes of a professional Montreal Impact player. With the same exercises and expectations which can be found at the Impact’s Academy, players will learn to develop better work habits and will take home memories that will last a lifetime.


Details :

  • Camps offered in three- or four-day formats
  • Three intense hours on field per day
  • One hour in class each day
  • Access to a U23 training session (subject to scheduling)
  • Access to a first team training session (subject to scheduling)
  • Access to an MLS game (subject to scheduling)
  • Lodging and meals can also be included in the package*


*Additional charges may apply.


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