Registrations 2018

To improve navigation, access and enrolment in our programs, we have upgraded our registration management system.

You can now find all our programs in our new Amilia shop. You can also directly find the programming you are interested in by clicking on the images on the home page


 In hopes to making your life easier, we have decided to set up a general tutorial explaining step by step the registration process for our training programs:

  1.  Visit the Montreal Impact Soccer Schools Amilia shop
  2. Log in to your Amilia account if you already have one, if not create one.  
  3. If this is your first registration on the Amilia platform, or if you want to register a new child, click on the 'Mon compte' button. If you do not need this step, skip to point 5.
  4. In the "Membres" section, you will be able to associate child profiles (participants) and one or more adult profiles (registrants) to your Amilia account.
  5. Go back to the Soccer Schools shop and choose the program you are interested in. Within this program, select the desired activity. 
  6. Choose the person associated with your account for whom you want to register and click on "Commander".
  7. You are now in your cart. It is possible to place the order and pay the costs inherent to the program. 
    Thank you for your commitment to the progress of your child!



  • Ball and official equipment of the EDS (unless otherwise stated)

    • Initiation : official SoSc jersey only  

    • Development / Progression : official ball and SoSc jersey

    • Advanced Competitive : ball and official SoSc Adidas kit (jersey, short, kit Adidas officiel (jersey, short, socks)

  • 1 ticket :

    • 1 Montreal Impact MLS game in 2018 [GENERAL ADMISSION].
      Additional tickets [GENERAL ADMISSION] available online: non-refundable and non-exchangeable tickets | End of sales 10 days before the game

No prorata will be made in case of late registration.
No refund will be made on the proportion of attendance, except on presentation of a certified medical ticket.