Private Courses

An elite training program, 100% customizable to your child’s needs!


Private classes offered by the SoSc are amongst the first in Quebec to provide an elite training program that will allow young players to live, understand, analyze and master numerous technical, tactical and physical aptitudes that are mandatory to progress towards higher levels of soccer.


This entirely customizable program will combine the ambitions and hard work of participants with the meticulous planning of our coaching staff with the SoSc and Academy has to offer.


During this process, the children will be monitored closely to receive a quality personal training program based on their individual needs. At the end of the program, a detailed report will be given to each participant, which will also include an outlook on what needs to be worked on to progress as a player.


Our Soccer School’s program will distinguish itself by ensuring that your child receives a soccer training experience that is unmatched in terms of content and professionalism in Quebec.


Contact us to learn how your child can be a part of a soccer program that is based on the training regimen of the pros!



Our private courses are available under the supervision of SoSc or Pre-Academy / Academy coaches.

We adapt our programs to your child’s needs and availability – subject to similar availability for our coaches.


Please provide:

> Your desired training objectives (areas to improve, etc.)

> Your availability


Your desired package:

Package 1 | 5 sessions: (*up to three separate payments)

⏩ 90 minutes ($175 + tax per hour) = $1,312.50 + tax, or $1,509.05 including taxes


60 minutes ($175 + tax per hour) = $875 + tax, or $1,006.05 including taxes


> Package 2 | 10 sessions: (*up to five separate payments)

90 minutes ($160 + tax per hour) = $2,400 + tax, or $2,759.40 including taxes


60 minutes ($160 + tax per hour) = $1,600 + tax, or $1,839.60 including taxes


Please take note of the following:

> Sessions will take place on the Saputo Soccer Complex turf field (schedule TBD / subject to availability)

> A full Adidas | Soccer Schools kit (socks, shorts, jersey) is included with each package